The Structure of the NCHP

The National College, formerly Blythe Tutorial College, founded in 1977, provides training in Hypno-Psychotherapy at venues in Oxford, Leicester, Falkirk, Manchester and London. The NCHP is administered from its registered offices in Loughborough, Manchester and London, by an Academic Board, details of which are given below.

Academic Board

Chairman – Keith Thompson, MA(Oxon), MEd

Emeritus Vice Chancellor, Staffordshire University

Members of the Academic Board are responsible for the conduct of the NCHP exams, for the marking of all exam papers and for the issue of various awards to successful students. Such awards are confirmed by an external moderator.

Members of the Board include various persons who, although trained in their respective field and who have gained academic status, are not members of the staff of the National College. This external factor, combined with our accreditation with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, gives prestige and credibility to the awards gained by students of the National College. Further to safeguard student interests, a student member is invited to meetings of the Academic Board.

Assessment is based upon conventional academic norms: continuous assessment by Tutors; course work essays; case studies, dissertations and practical exams. Other than the continual assessment, all other assessment is carried out by appropriately qualified independent assessors, such as psychology lecturers in the state education sector, and externally moderated by appropriately qualified personnel.

Regulations concerning specific aspects of the National College training, such as the submissions of course work, standards to be achieved and appeals procedures are indicated in the relevant documentation.

Complaints and, or, criticism of any aspect of the National College training can be made on the forms issued for these purposes at the end of all stages of the course. In addition, students may request that such issues be brought to the attention of the National College in the Tutor’s report which is submitted after each block of class contact. Whilst it is hoped that complaints may be resolved by negotiation with individual Course Tutors, students are entitled to raise issues with the Academic Board should they prove intractable.

The Academic Board is continually reviewing the course content to take account of developments in the profession, and expanding and amending material where necessary.

External Accreditation

For information regarding National College’s Accreditations click here