Shaun Brookhouse, PrincipalShaun Brookhouse began his hypno-psychotherapy practice in 1989 and has been in continual full-time practice since then. He earned Graduateship Diploma (First Degree Equivalent) in Counselling and Hypnotherapy from the City and Guilds Institute of London, a Masters Degree in Education Studies(Researching the development of training in Hypnotherapy 1971-1998), Liverpool John Moores University, a PgCert in Clinical Supervision from Derby University, a CertEd from Manchester University in which the assessment was based in part on the course he designed in clinical hypnosis, an Associateship Diploma from the College of Teachers and Licenciateship in Training and Development from the City and Guilds Institute of London .

Additionally, he is a NLP Master Trainer and the UK’s second recipient of the European Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis (ECCH) from the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy. Shaun also holds the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) from the European Association for Psychotherapy and the World Certificate of Psychotherapy (WCPC) from the World Council for Psychotherapy. Shaun has been UK Council for Psychotherapy registered since 1996 and was a former Hypno-Psychotherapy Section delegate, Section Chair, and Ordinary Member of the UKCP governing board. In March 2008, Shaun was again elected to be Chair of the Hypno-Psychotherapy Section of UKCP with a seat on the Board of Trustees.Additionally, in 2010, he was elected to the position of Chair of the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy. In 2009, Shaun retired from the Chairmanship of the Hypno-Psychotherapy Section of UKCP. In 2012, he was appointed as an advisor on hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine.

Shaun was one of the first two hypnotherapists to earn the externally accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma . He is also the co-author of Motivational Hypnotism (ISBN 0-9544604-1-3)Building a Successful and Ethical Therapy Practice (ISBN 0-9544604-0-5) and Hypnotic Coaching(ISBN 0-9544604-1-3)Additionally, he is the co-organiser of the International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference run in June each year.Shaun has lectured on the subject of Hypno-Psychotherapy on 4 continents.

He has received the following awards for his work for the world-wide profession:

Rexford L North Memorial Trophy, The National Guild of Hypnotists, USA (2004)
Hartland Memorial Award, National Council for Hypnotherapy (2005)
International Visionary Award, National Guild of Hypnotists (2005)
Ormond McGill Chair, National Guild of Hypnotists (2006)
President’s Award, The National Guild of Hypnotists, USA (2002)
Hypnosis Journalism Award, The National Guild of Hypnotists, USA (2003)
Hypnotherapist Sealah Award, Induction into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame (2001)
Pioneer Award, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (2003)
Honorary Service Award, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, USA (1995)
Hypnosis Research Award, American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (1997)
Special Commendation Award, Centre Association of Psychotherapists (1998)


Shaun Brookhouse teaching an advanced CPD Course


National College Teaching Staff

The National College’s regular Course Tutors have all trained with the College, and thus able to empathise (and sympathise) with students under tuition. They are all members of the  National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists with considerable  teaching experience, the majority with formal teaching qualifications.  This background facilitates a pastoral and supervisory relationship  with their students, in addition to the Tutorial role. They are not full-time employees of the College, but are paid for teaching undertaken  on a contractual basis. Brief biographical details of Course Tutors  may be found in our Prospectus.

Administrative Staff

Knowledgeable personnel are on hand, and can be reached by letter, fax or email at our administrative offices. They are available  by telephone during normal office hours. (An answering service operates  outside office hours and on Public Holidays.)

Details of the administrative staff and their respective  duties are to be found in our Prospectus.

23 Reasons to Train with Us

We have been training professionals for 40 consecutive years (Longer than any other organisation in the UK). Many of the top therapists and trainers in the UK began their career at the National College.

Our complete Diploma Course is a genuine, validated post graduate programme (ADHP recipients are eligible for direct entry to the MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice at Bath Spa University with 90 Credits APL).

We are 100% committed to the highest standards of training so that you are fully prepared for the challenges of professional practice

The National College is the only UK training organisation which is authorised the offer the European Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis through the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy. We are also one of only two European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes with the European Association for Psychotherapy We should really be the International College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy as we have graduates all over the world. We are an outward thinking organisation which looks out to the world for opportunities. Our Principal is the International Officer of UKCP and its representative to the Board of the EAP. We will continue to engage to ensure that our graduates have a future in a post-Brexit Europe.

Within the National College we have a philosophy that ensures that all tutors are full-time practitioners in addition to their training. By this we mean that they derive their primary income from seeing clients: this ensures that they "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk". You will find that we often have examples of current clients to tell you about that illustrate theoretical points. There are some trainers who set up a school because they can't make it as practitioners. Would you want to be trained by them?

We believe it is vitally important that you see demonstrations of techniques and also get to practice. This gives you the confidence to practice with "real people" as soon as (if not before) you qualify. We say before, because you will be given permission to work with certain issues at certain points in your training. Not all trainers demonstrate, and not all give you a chance to practice and build your confidence.(ALL ours DO!)

On completion of the certificate course (stage two), graduates can join a range of professional bodies: the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (our regulator), the National Council for Hypnotherapy (a members’ co-operative with high standards, of which both our Principal and Managing Director are former chairs) and our own National Society of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & Mindfulness. All you need to set up in professional practice with great support!

The National College course leads to registration with the UK Council for Psychotherapy; it is essential that important that your career is protected by being registered with a leading professional association like the UKCP (requirements for registration are laid out here). Our Managing Director is an Honorary Fellow of UKCP (approx. 1% of registrants) and is chair of the UKCP Education, Training and Practice Committee. Through this link you can be sure that we keep at the forefront of all developments in the field.

We believe in creating a friendly learning environment in which students feel safe to express themselves and learn while building supportive peer relationships with fellow students.

All our tutors are experienced teachers, as well as being, themselves, National College trained and experienced practitioners.

Support from a long established well-staffed organisation throughout not only your training but also your whole career!

We actively enforce all our policies, including equal opportunities. We will make any reasonable adjustments to ensure that anyone can take our courses, if suitable, and we do not discriminate on any grounds. Any special leaning needs will be catered to if possible. For example, a student with dyslexia would be able to provide portfolio evidence in recorded rather than written form if they wished to do so. The learning environment is safe, confidential and supportive.

We encourage students to ask questions or make comments about the training at any stage and will do our best to meet your needs. There is a student representative on the Academic Board.

Ethical considerations are all important in a field where one is working with vulnerable people. We cover these in depth. Check with other schools as to which, if any, code of ethics they subscribe. They should be bound by a training code of ethics as well as teaching you one for practice.

The National College embraces modern technology; we provide our materials on a Kindle so that you have all that you need at your fingertips. Additionally, we are one of the first institutes in our field to use "online directed learning" as part of our advanced training.

We know that you want to know exactly what you will be learning, so we publish all the details of the structure of our courses including detailed learning outcomes. We also publish our external accreditation reports from UKCP, you can read our latest one here We want you to be sure you have made the right choice!

We train small groups of students, which we believe is important so that you get individual attention. Some schools have as many as 50 students in a class! We are also not limited to training in one location. We currently run courses in London, Manchester, Oxford and East Midlands (Leicester) in the UK and the Gold Coast (Australia) and Phoenix Arizona (USA)

Past students are welcome to re-attend any stage of their training FREE OF CHARGE (subject to available space) in the ten years following their primary training. This is just one of the ways we support our students. We believe that we are the only school of our type to offer this opportunity free of charge.

National College Hypnosis Training and Hypnotherapy Training courses adhere to the National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy (the Principal and Managing Director were members of the working group who wrote these), and incorporate and Professional Occupational Standards produced by UKCP.

We do not take just anyone onto our courses. You will be interviewed to ensure that you are suitable for this profession of working with vulnerable people, and, very importantly, to ensure that the National College is right for you. If we feel that another course would be better for you (and this does happen), we will tell you, and advise you of who to approach.

Therapy is an "individual" process: we will encourage you to find your own way to be the best therapist you can be.

Our course also includes business/practice management. So often hypnotherapists and psychotherapists fall at the first hurdle because, while they may be wonderful at what they do, they don't know how to get the clients. The National College has a great depth of knowledge and experience in this area that you can draw on. All our tutors around the country are willing to share with you what works and what doesn't so that you can learn from our successes, and our mistakes!

Our complete Diploma Course is a genuine, validated post graduate programme (ADHP recipients are eligible for direct entry to the MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice at Bath Spa University with 90 Credits APL.

Our Principal and MD have over 52 years’ clinical experience and our Principal has over 24 years’ experience in Hypnotherapy Training, Hypnosis Training and Psychotherapy Training. We have the experience to help guide you successfully in your new career.